Motorola Motoluxe Ready to Reach Europe

As not only live manufacturers release high-end devices, or all users require cutting-edge devices, in Xataka Android we are forced to review any Android device that may appear by our borders.

The Motorola Motoluxe is released in the past CES 2012, and is a device that goes directly to compete in the middle segment of the platform. Even if your hardware is not excessively powerful, if it has some appeal in the market, basically focused on one face large 4 inch screen.

Motorola has confirmed today that it plans to the arrival of this new smartphone for this month of February in United Kingdom, and although they have not confirmed that it will reach more countries, it is of presage his presentation at the Mobile World Congress and landing in the main European markets, among them our country.

The processor the Motorola Motoluxe is of 800 MHz, and arranges it to manage a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels in a 4 inch screen, plus a powerful camera of 8 megapixel camera. The device will also feature an attractive Notification LED front, It fits perfectly in the design.

The operating system release will be 2.3.7 Gigerbread Android, Although masked by Motorola MotoSwitch, from the American company new custom interface.

Imminent release for sale has made that several online stores already have it in your catalog on pre-booking, but they have not confirmed the sale prices that the terminal will be sold.

We leave you with a video so you can see it closer: