Natasha Poly Makeup Tutorial

Let’s find out how to make the make up of Natasha Poly: from the creative to the more easy.

How to put make-up the beautiful and ethereal Russian model Natasha Poly? Thanks to his work there are certainly make up all kinds of graphs, scenic and special, suitable for the specific photo shoots. But even on occasions of everyday life, Natasha does not waive trick.Let’s find out what products to use to play her makeup!

The eyeliner: the essential element

Whether it’s make-up for everyday or scene, the strictly black eyeliner appears to be the indispensable element for Natasha. The black and definite lines characterize his make-up: to get very similar results we can rely eyeliner gel of L’Oréal, the Intenza Gel, very black and to use preferably with an angled brush (even if in the package are a small pointed brush not too thin that it can be used to draw lines of medium size).

For a look a bit ‘wild (see gallery), the eyeliner should be used both above and below the eye: the result will be a feline look, perfect when paired with a nude-brown lipstick (in this case we can use lipstick Waffle of Mulac).

The black eyeliner is also used to make up more daily matched to a natural or pinkish gloss.

For the graphic look of the fourth photo in the gallery, however, you must use a completely opaque black eyeshadow as the No. 180 of Eyeshadow Kiko, Black mat coal: just create the shape using a brush as a baby eyes, perfect for any details, and fill slowly realized the shape.Best to use a good primer for eyes so that the makeup last longer. The lips, however, are left bare or lightly glossed.

Matte lips and defined

When not using nude lipstick or gloss rosy and natural tones, Natasha focuses attention on the lips, leaving the natural eyes or defined solely by black mascara, preferably lengthening and volumizing. Go ahead and then to pink and red lipsticks, strictly opaque. Among the matte lipsticks last generation we can mention Rouge Mon Amour and Across the universe, both belonging to the line Diva Crime Nabla: the first is a classic red, the second a brilliant fuchsia, neither too cold nor too hot, suitable for different complexions and undertones.

For the classic smokey shades of brown or for all those tricks called “daytime” is indispensable palette of matt tones and natural, such as’ The Essential Mattes of Make up Revolution: small, handy, easy to carry around and above economic super.

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