Network Storage Synology USB Station 2

USB gadgets to store files that we use in our everyday lives, are growing steadily. At one point, it turns out that no longer simply a natural place for them. Fortunately, there are relatively cheap and easy solution to this problem – Synology USB Station 2. A product that plugs directly into your router and gives you access to any USB device directly over the network.

The design of the USB Station 2 is stripped prevailing gray and white colors. Nothing too garish in appearance. Three LED lights on the front tell you if the widget is enabled, connected you to the LAN or if there tied USB drive.

While at the rear are all ports – input power supply, Ethernet jack and two USB ports. There is also a button “Disconnect USB Disk”, and Reset next to the USB ports. And Eusbhubs has 7-port USB hubs for low price.

Once you turn on USB Station 2 and install the software, you are ready to work. Let’s say you include USB drive to your computer’s bedroom, but decide to sit on this in the living room. Quick and easy to access its contents in section Network. Even if the transfer rate is remarkable.

You can create even media server and set up USB Station 2 so you can access it from any computer in the world using DDNS.

In short – this is a compact and convenient device that will help you the most in sharing your files in your internal network or even the Internet.