New Fashion Nail Art Designs

Just the subject of our article there is no need to throw away all the glazes of his briefcase. With nail fashion is like that: just come in new colors. You know that red rebu the ladies love it and is really pretty? Is manufactured by risk for over 10 years! Soon, don’t dismiss their glazes when reading tips of glazes for 2016. A lot still, but you will need to check out the nail products and take a peek in the cool new jars.

Is the new fashion for 2016: metallic glazes. They can come alone, accompanied with decoration as the lines only with the French tip nails metallized. The main brands of enamel have already launched their collection, as the Risqué and Colorama with brand-new line metallized and super chic. Even the design of the packaging Risqué changed!

Speaking of brightness, forget some trends for shiny nail glitter type. Fashion is closing a little color in your hands, then the layer of gloss for save even enamel. The metallic, enamel 3D and into are the most suitable for this season. Others may seal well for use later.

Colors of Enamels for 2016 Summer Fashion

Thinking in the months of intense sun coming through the front and plenty of beach and pool, the yellow seems to have prevailed in the war. How about yellow nails for the summer? There is the possibility of investing in various prints to decorate, such as stripes, polka dots, nail-style nationalist flags, among others. The color is already in the Windows of shops and promises to become a fever in the hands too.

The matte glazes are apagadinhos on the shelves, as well as the craquelados. For now we are still in a fever of nails decorated, but with little gloss, less cracked and more discreet. I value more for prints and drawings very well prepared to the brightness and craqueladas prints, a trend already outdated. Nails caviar are also out.

Clear nail polish are little in evidence, but it’s worth investing. There are beautiful light tones and slightly metallic or pearly glow in pink, white and even dear old income. Brands such as Avon and already have their versions to sell.

Invest even in dark colors. Black won new market even with the summer fashion coming around. The mixture of matte black and matte black in French is a luxury nail and very different, very discreet and differentiated. The hint.

Enamel Pen-new Market Trend

The beauty industry is there to make us more beautiful, but also to facilitate our daily lives.

Thinking of people who can’t use the brush with such dexterity to enamel, glaze pen, we have another wave cool the market. It is simpler to use, much faster and avoids so many smudges on the side of the nail. The product already has national manufacturer, Risqué, and should be copied by other. On Ebay and the free market you can buy the imported version with various discounts.