New Nail Art Inverted French

Always we are showing here news and trends in nails, and it’s amazing as always invents something new, and when not inventa…se perfect! And in the midst of so many trends that promise to make the head (ups), hands of women, is back with all of the francesinha, only …reversed. Yes, in this technique, the concave bottom of the nail is with different color and the rest, with another color, and preferably a strong color.

In fact the French reversed was trend in 20 years, and as this decade is on the rise – with the release of the film “the Great Gatsby”– “New Vintage” inspiration is super gift, gave no other, the Inverted French is taking over the world of “nail art”, and famous as Rihanna (above), Fergie, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Ivete Sangalo have already joined this nail style.
Since the Inverted French appeared in the parade of Couture from Chanel, during the fashion week in Paris Couture, in 2015, called so much attention as lavish of parts, and from there to here that Sets “border nails” or inverted French came to strengthen and the release in theaters of the film the Great Gatsby was all it took to take care of little hands more tuned.
Much more simple than it seems, the sets of nails franesinhas reversed can be worked in a variety of colors, but preferably in shades that contrast. How our days are colder, the tip is to invest in more neutral tones which are always bets this time of year, such as nudes, black, wine, even gold and silver are some options.