New to the iPhone 6 Display

The rumors of the new iPhone 6, which is scheduled for autumn, not tear down. The latest news report now that Apple in its iPhone 6 with a 4K-Display could equip. The new iPhone 6 would give a fabulous display resolution of 4096 × 2304 pixels!

4096 x 2304 pixels – needs a Smartphone as a bombastic resolution? Probably rather not. Some of the alarmist even suspect that the iPhone 6 could have not only a 4K-Display, but also a camera with 4 k resolution. However: It’s not a rumor that Apple has experimented with larger displays. Already in June was announced from Asian suppliers circles that Californians are testing larger displays with a diagonal screen size of 4.7 and 5.7 inches. So far they put on Smartphones with 3.5-inch display, the deceased Apple co-founder of Steve jobs always had 3.5-inch as the perfect size for consumers, because smartphones are operable with one hand with this size. The displays at Apple since the iPhone 5 are 4 inches tall. In direct comparison to the Smartphones that is nothing other manufacturers: Samsung Galaxy S4’s flagship is far greater.

Now Apple experts suspect that companies of the previous strategy, to present its new smartphones, always in the autumn could back away from and present it or the new iPhone 6 in the summer and sell could. Consistent with that of Apple boss Tim Cook at a Conference spoke of a new product category that could stand in the coming autumn Apple. Which would be, so it could actually be useful the presentation of new iPhone 6 preferable, so that the products do not mutually steal the show.

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