Nokia 808 Pure View in the Test

With a 41-megapixel camera, Nokia presents its innovative strengths at the 808 Pureview. In the test, the Smartphone must show its practicality.

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Not only connect has stressed more than once that increasing numbers of pixels at Smartphone cameras with better images are alike. And then Nokia comes along and 808 Pureview (629 EUR) a Smartphone with rich 41 (!) will present at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona with the, Megapixels even SLR cameras beyond the 1000 Euro far surpasses.

A real innovation or a desperate attempt by Nokia to get more attention? And how is the Kamerafon with the record sensor on the phone and surf the mobile Internet?

Handling: The 41-megapixel sensor is

In any case, the 41-megapixel sensor of the 808 Pureview from afar is to recognize: he in page view by a not-insignificant bump stands out. At this point, the housing is a value, only the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini Pro reached his Extendable keyboard strongly – 18 Millimter.

However, the bulge is located only in the area around the sensor, further away from the thickness goes back to civilian 14 mm. Length and width of the housing with a 124 x 60 mm stay entirely within.

The second aspect, the sets of handiness, the Nokia 808 Pureview his owner on severely in the sense of the word: his proud 173 grams are surpassed only by very few smartphones connect has tested in recent years.

However, the maximum thickness and weight noticeable, mainly in the bag so when transporting. On the phone, the Nokia is 808 Pureview well in hand, and also while photographing the design with its smooth wrinkles and curves is very pleasant.

The camera: Zooming without loss of quality

The high-resolution camera system of Nokia comes from the German specialist Carl Zeiss 808 Pureview. The sensor is designed so that for 4:3 and 16:9-images is equally perfect.

the sensor of the Nokia has 808 Pureview 7728 x 5368 pixels, or 41 mega pixels. Of them remain in a 4:3-format 7152 x 5368 pixels (38 MP), in 16:9-format are 7728 x 4354 pixels.

An image that is recorded and stored in the highest JPEG quality in one of these formats, consumes less than 13 megabytes; the operation is done in amazingly swift 2.5 seconds. These formats are intended for cases where the image should be chosen an afterthought.

He is seen at the intakes, the Smartphone in a so-called Pureview mode with 3, 5 or 8 mega pixels can be switched. Also, the entire sensor surface is used.

To get to the lower pixel count, a special processor summarizes several pixels in an oversampling process one. In this mode, the motif of a smaller image area can be zoom, without any real resolution is lost.

So, a up to triple zoom is possible with 3-megapixel shots. 3 megapixel rich way for paper prints up to 10 x 15 cm completely out, for standard TVs and monitors anyway. The Gallery shows photos that were shot with the Nokia 808 Pureview.

Processing: Gorilla glass protects the display

The housing of the 808 Pureview manufactures Nokia made of plastic, with a slightly Matt surface provides good protection from visible scratches. the white housing available to connect, and alternatively the photo Smartphone in the less dirt-sensitive colors of red and black is available.

A pulley made of Gorilla glass display offers additional protection. The two keys to accepting and stop conversations, as well as a further, context-dependent buttons, all with significantly noticeable pressure point are here.

It is practical in daily use that also offers a Schiebetaster to switch between standby and use 808 Pureview and also a button to activate the photo apparatus and to raise.

An advantage is the removable battery, at least for power users. This feature is a luxury that today no longer all mobile phones will be allowed. What the question giving room, whether a normal worn 808 Pureview ever on a battery is dependent on.

Laboratory measurements: in the UMTS operating more juice flows

Their relatively high energy consumption in the UMTS Betrieb.Vom is a phenomenon recognizable on many Nokia Smartphones also the 808 Pureview increased current flow at 3 G will not be spared, but Nokia has bought him a pretty fat with 1400 mAh battery. Talk times are more than enough about eleven hours in GSM networks, and even the good three hours for UMTS should be enough for the communication needs of users.

Also you in the typical mix of application in display mode with use of the Internet, texts, scrolling and reading measured just under four hours stamina can satisfy normal requirements without further ADO. With the Nokia Pureview 808 naturally invites far more than his camera to use.

Operation: Adaptable

So Nokia has with the latest Symbian version an OS Belle presented, the surface of which can perfectly adapt to your needs. Only the Nokia store is not quite so richly filled like the app stores from Apple and Android and is the average something more expensive.

But for this it can crack Nokia when the supplied and the software provided for free in some places. In the cards that the Nokia 808 Pureview may make to the complete turn-by-turn GPS units.

Practical: For the spontaneous use of the appropriate snippet of maps covering the whole world basically over the mobile Internet on your Smartphone can be download. For the holiday abroad, of Nokia users can store, however, advance the matching cards to save so roaming charges.

Use the Nokia is best, because it acts fast with its 1.3 GHz single-core processor. Also the main memory is quite lush with 16 gigabytes of which over 12 GB are available. Given that micro-SD card – can be retrofitted memory shortage is so not an issue.

Facilities: OLED display and xenon flash

In addition to the operating system, a powerful processor and memory, also the display of a Smartphone plays a central role. Here high fully convinced the 3.7 inch OLED screen of the 808 Pureview with strong, angle-stable colors.

The resolution may be even higher for the use of the browser and preview documents. The pixel plus would be opposed also use as a camera, just like more brightness for use outdoors. Where the display of the 808 Pureview is already far superior to the screens of many compact cameras.

Even with the Flash, Nokia seeks more close to compact digital cameras than to Smartphones. The Xenon Flash is very evenly lit not too long distances. So his motive can be found in the stock dark, Nokia has 808 Pureview next to this real Flash still a photo LED that provides weak light to touch the shutter button for a short time, from the photographer but requires good eyes and a quick response.

Who wants to show his photos or videos off of Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and company friends and relatives, can search both DLNA and micro-HDMI the way to monitors and TVs.

Copy of stationary and moving images, Nokia suite then comes into play – the software and by Nokia mobile devices to the PC. The suite takes over management of Outlook data, mentioned downloading maps and the software – update installation and music administration. A range of other operating systems can only dream about, it brings to Symbian.

Also, the Bluetooth pairing with selected Nokia sound components is fantastically easy: in the lid of the battery compartment, the Finns have incorporated an NFC chip, allows a fast, password-free contact brand through appropriate counterparts in headsets and speakers. A practical application of short-range communication, by which you will hear much in the next few years.

Laboratory measurements: Reception and sound quality are very good

In the facilities the Nokia comes close to the top performers by Samsung suspiciously 808 Pureview. And the Nokia shows also in the laboratory that the manufacturer can look back on a long tradition in building mobile phone. 808 Pureview in UMTS offers good and excellent in GSM radio properties. Thus, it is ensured that even under conditions that might long for other smartphones, the best possible from mobile phone networks is obtained.

And if the connection once, also the phone with the Nokia is a pleasure. As mentioned the hefty device in your hand is located, but also it sounds great for caller and callee. In pubs, one would wish still a better suppression of noise.

Conclusion: A round thing

Thus, something at which specialists often fail manages the Nokia 808 Pureview: it achieved a good rating in a testing process that focuses on General requirements. Like many other smartphones also Nokia have to take up a certain criticism of his endurance. Sophisticated users may wish here just more reserves.

There is a penalty for the convenience. With dimensions and the weight of the counterclaim can be made to: who has the Pureview in your pocket, can an extra compact camera without – a unquestionable advantage. This showed up in test mode during a visit of the exhibition. Also the handling under Nokia Belle was good.

In the facilities, Nokia has taken also in the full and placed his photo Smartphone in the top class. That the Finns dominate the measurement in terms of radio and acoustic, also proves the Pureview. You will get 808 Pureview whoever is looking for a smart phone and a camera in one unit, with the Nokia a very good device.