Our Fashion Favorites: Folk Dresses for Your Pregnant Summer

A beautiful ray of sun filter through the curtains, the air is soft and pleasant. That’s it, summer is approaching.

And with it the season of shopping to buy … beautiful dresses! What a great time to wait for her baby! This summer, we set out on the motley grounds, the chic and bohemian look of the little folk dresses. We have selected some models that will marry your curves of pregnant woman perfectly.

We love this dress red pregnancy very soft, not too fetching, smells good summer and the time of freedom. Noppies, 49.99 euros.

Elegant prints, short and sexy cut, this dress is perfect for summer. So that it fits on our new silhouette, we take the size above and we can do without the belt. NafNaf, 65 euros.

Knotted behind, this pregnancy dress puts forward your chest. More retro chic than folk, it is nonetheless a must in summer. Seraphine, 69 euros.

Pretty light fantasy dress, with red flowery patterns, we like this model “casual chic” which is suitable for winter as well as summer. Balloon Paris, currently at 55 euros (on sale).

This brown suede effect dress is ample and will suit whether you are pregnant or not. The red pattern around the collar gives you a little Indian look, a real Pocahontas. Kiabi, 17 euros 50.

The fabric is fluid and light, the dress does not mold you: it is perfect. This model features a nice mix of colors, from off-white to purple and red. Short, it allows you to show your beautiful legs. Etam, 18 euros.

In this white pleated dress, you will look like an oriental princess and the slightly bohemian motifs will make you chew! Asos, 70.99 euros.

Blue and white, this straight dress would look a little strict without its pretty blue ethnic patterns. Be careful she is a bit close to the body, so take a wide size to be comfortable during your pregnancy. La Redoute, 39.99 euros.