Our Site Via 135 Europe Traffic Test

The new our site via 135 voice control is to “Speak & go” to use Europe traffic almost entirely by voice. The test shows how well this works and what makes it via 135 to a very good navigation.

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It sounds already very tempting when a manufacturer thus advertises the new device by voice can be operated. There are memories of science fiction masterpieces such as Stanley Kubricks ‘ 2001: Space Odyssey “awakened.

Unfortunately, our experience with the artificial language intelligence – were similar to behavior at the end of the movie – so far.


Our site’s “Speak & go” heralding the new era now? Unfortunately, not very. You can control many things like the input of destination or the speakerphone to or select POIs with you. However, especially the input of destination requires practice, because not always what you dictated, on the display appears.

In addition, one 1,000 – once must know the numerous commands – according to Our site as a whole. Even if it all works so not always very reliable, the Our site for the wide range of functions gets almost full marks in terms of voice control.

Fortunately, the Our site via 135 Europe can be also as usual via the 5-inch touch screen operated traffic. Achieved thanks to the clearly arranged menu navigation and the large buttons very easy. A letter suppression would facilitate further the already fast destination entry.

Facilities, route calculation and guidance

Is the target via voice command or input, the Our site via 135 shows manual Europe traffic from its best side. The routing was very confident on our test track.

Only two Schnitzer performed the our site, it a really tight 30s zone back in the city wanted to guide us, a little Looped after a tunnel in downtown Stuttgart.

These two errors may be ignored in view of the other performance but. In the tunnel that simulated via 135 traffic Europe of hard next motorway turn-offs including lane realistically represented.

Although it has via 135 traffic Europe ‘just’ about the TMC reception, the messages were but in a timely manner in the Our site traffic bar at the right edge of the screen displayed.

Anyway, the visualization of traffic information on our site is very clearly resolved. Add joins a rapid route calculation – also longer distances, for example, between Stuttgart and Hamburg, who quickly calculated the new Navi.

Conclusion: Very good GPS for a very reasonable price

At the end comes the Our site via 135 Europe traffic on the mark “very good”. Whether equipment, handling, guidance and route calculation, which afford no weaknesses via 135 and for 179 euro, which specifies as recommended price Our site there is currently nothing better.