Outdoor, Camping & Co – Trend or Lifestyle?

Camping is for the one cult, for the other horror. Here camping can now almost as comfortable to be, as the holiday in a bungalow or cottage. It just depends on how well the equipment is. How the Camper is useful and what is the basic equipment for the camping holidays, which make life outside, more beautiful, easier and more comfortable is the topic of this post.

Shards may bring luck, but are anything but enjoyable when camping. On the one hand there is an enormous shrinkage in the already sparsely equipped kitchen cabinet and on the other hand the risk of accidents is also not to be underestimated. With melamine dishes you are on the safe side. This can be synonymous times fall down or at a full braking with the camper through the same kullern, without taking damage. And it’s also chic. The times when the camping holiday was connected to the military-like field gear are long gone.

Melamine looks like porcelain, is easy to clean and has other materials opposite also the advantages that it does not attract odors like plastic or scratched like metal. It also does not weigh so much that it is felt on hikes as a burden. Melamine dishes are, so to speak, the globetrotter of household utensils. Also for thermosets, drinking bottles and cooking utensils should be considered for breaking strength.

In general, break-resistant containers are recommended in which food, liquids and medicaments can be stored in air-tight manner. Because in a tent or caravan spread odors quickly. On the other hand, moisture penetrates faster than in a house. This is particularly problematic for medicines. Therefore: Water- and airtight containers as well as sturdy dishes belong to the basic equipment of camping.

Tent, mobile home or home plan

The trade of camping articles is booming, and during the holidays the motorhomes line up on the motorways. The Caravanning Industry Association Germany (CIV D) presented in this report states that 2015 was a record year for camping and caravan area was and he assumes that this trend will also in 2016 reflected positively in the next statistics.

Just families see camping as a perfect leisure arrangement. On the campgrounds it is quite informal, the children can be a lot of fresh air and when Tomatensauce is jammed, is not a problem. It is no wonder that a whole industry has developed into the development, manufacture and distribution of outdoor products. However, parents can not only think about the beautiful things of the holiday, but also have to deal with the planning of the trip – for example, what comes into the suitcase.

Camping is not always so sunny

Weather resistance and breakage resistance are the most important characteristics which must be brought with them according to whether they are household items or functional clothing. The vehicle industry is also expanding its offerings with accessories suitable for campers and cooperates with well-known manufacturers here. Audi is now delivering home-tents, tuned to the Audi Q3.

The camper with body and soul knows no bad weather or is at least prepared for it. He has a good equipment and looks forward to the course of nature. Because nature-boundness coupled with adventures, all campers have in common. And a really heavy thunderstorm seems both frightening and fascinating at the same time.

The right clothes for movement in fresh air

Sport is not a must for campers, but is very popular. Bicycles are quickly lent out or can be brought along on the roof of the car. Many campsites have swimming facilities, as swimming is of course possible and jogging is easy everywhere. Important for all the activities is the right equipment. If you are on the road with good shoes, you can enjoy the area and do not have to think of bubbles, pressure points or wet feet.

Not only when jogging, hiking, walking, even when taking a walk, our feet have to carry us. It is therefore extremely important not only to look at the look, but also on functionality, fit and comfort, so that these important parts of the body do not feel the outdoor life as torture. For shoes from New Balance, these features are user-friendly. The shoe is in differentiated designs to have and all models have in common that they are stylish and comfortable. So they fit into different outfits such as shorts, miniskirts and jeans. The undoubtedly biggest advantages with regard to the camping are its low weight and its characteristic, even in a fully stuffed suitcase not to vulcanize.

In the case of textiles, it is important that they can adapt to any weather. Warm, but also ventilating, is just as important as protection from damp or sun. The outdated clothing is usually laid out in layers and has the possibility to adapt sleeves and trouser legs to the actual requirements in length and width. She must not carry too much weight with all of her clothing requirements. For activists in nature, leisure athletes want to enjoy the feeling of free movement and do not feel like a load animal – especially since there is always enough fluid to carry along, which also puts some weight on the balance.

Camping technology: safety for body and life

Technical equipment for outdoor stays should always be TÜV-tested. This applies to the camping stove, the fire extinguisher and also to the torch. In the case of a motorhome, the duty to carry the vehicle regularly to the main examination is taken care of. Anyone who saves the technical equipment at the wrong end can keep his holiday in unpleasant memories when accidents, fires or inconveniences caused by total failure for stress and danger.

Brother light-heartedness remains at home

Friends of outdoor activities often demand a lot of themselves. They welcome every sporting challenge. Here it is very important to know its possibilities and to assess them realistically. Entries on climbing tours or hasty activities in new sports can pose risks, which are often not judged by self-trained outdoor athletes. How serious are the consequences of ill-considered actions that know Mountain Rescue and emergency services to report.