Outfit for Easter

I am hoping that soon this drizzle disappear we’re already thinking about a few relaxing days for Easter and Easter Monday off leads to a Monday, as usual.

To choose a suitable look to this day I have thought of two types of opportunities that may arise during the Monday of Easter and that certainly they will involve many of you: lunch with friends or around you.


If you’re planning a lunch with friends, maybe not too far away from home, then you can pick a bit ‘more with the look. Rely on something spring (after all, we are already in April) by choosing a fantasy all colored coat, a skirt striped or a yellow t-shirt that puts immediately cheer! As for accessories, however, you can bet on a pair of heels that will make you more chic without ruin your day and a large bag, but sophisticated.


As regards, however, the trip out of the password (especially in a day of celebration) will comfort and for this reason I recommend you choose a comfortable look with a blouse, but which has some elegant detail.

Opt for flat shoes (ballet shoes, ankle boots or sneakers), fit skinny jeans and over get jiggy with blouses, maxi sweaters or sweatshirts imagination to combine with colorful coats or leather jackets.

As a bag always opt for a roomy, comfortable model, even better if shoulder and I recommend it,do not forget your sunglasses!