Peugeot Is Studying The Creation of a Mobile Virtual Network Operator

According to statistics, 30% of the consumption of mobile phones is produced inside our cars, the Park of vehicles with telephone system is important, and the reality is that it is growing. In fact it is a business that is becoming subject of study for many vehicle manufacturers.

The case which occupies us this news is the Spanish subsidiary of Peugeot, with intentions of creating a mobile virtual network operator (OMV) in our country.

If we take into account that they currently have 60,000 vehicles with PBX circulating through our territory, would not be a far-fetched idea providing communication services to the same.

The car maker has been responsible for clarifying that it is a possibility, and that if you carry it out, it would be made within the framework of a road safety policy. Let us remember that It is only possible to use the mobile phone in the car handsfree, and that the DGT has already exceeded 30 million euros in penalties imposed in this regard.