Plastic Colored Sandals

The weather is still dancer. It’s true. But summer is still around the corner and it seems impossible not to buy something already very summery and colorful that makes us have already, at least with the head, on the beach at arrostirci the sun.

The trend this summer plans to ultracolorati plastic sandals.

They are called jelly sandals and appeared everywhere already last summer.

Let’s face it, who as a child has not worn the colorful plastic sandals? Top Shop plays them identical, but in the most fashionable color that there is, or green water , and enriched with a cleat. Maybe too childish?  Surely then you are not flip-flops of Valentino, in a shiny electric blue plastic, accompanied by a graceful bow in the same color and the strap that makes it perfect not only for the sea but also in the sunny summer mornings the city.

Similar to Valentino even flip-flops of Kate Spade, similar in pattern but more fashion with chain and contrast bow. Very candy . As well as the model with dual two-tone bow, more romantic and beach. But if you love very electric blue but not want to spend a fortune for flip-flops Valentino, you can always focus on those on sale on Amazon with a beautiful blue bow.

The jelly sandals will amaze you with convenience and comfort extreme both in the city and the sea, but particularly to the sea, after the bath, will quickly dry and bright and ready to be used again and again and, last but not least, will always remain incredibly fashion , not like the usual beach thongs.