Plus Size Bikini From Sizély

So nice to have lost the shame to show my body to you and making posts talking about plus size bikini without fear of judgment! Of course I still strange a little expose me like that, but I think it’s just doing these posts more “daring” I help them lose the fear because we should never pass the hidden life, failing to take advantage of the happy moments that we experience on a beach, in a club, in a “pool party”. That’s what I say: have cellulite, flaccidity, stretch marks and has got anyone who doesn’t want to see that look to the side.

The Bikini that I’m showing you today is my favorite brand of plus size lingerie, Sizély. Since I met them I fell in love with lingerie too much because they always seek to make more modern and differentiated models for large women, even they have the strappy bra and this week I will post several things talking about their products, but I preferred to separate the Bikini lingerie not to be all very mixed! This set has one of the most beautiful prints that I’ve seen today and he embraces our belly, the butt and is sooo comfortable: it is a great option for those who like more models behaved. The bra is awesome: has a super pad and offers a lot of support. Side strap that closes in the back is more larguinha and will not, just to be fine-tuned scoring the chubbiness of your back, that is, it is very shapely and thinking! (I only wish I had more chest-buáááaááá!!)

I saw you in that bikini has Flaminga to sell, but with another pattern and you can buy the pieces separately: Our site. If you want to know more about where to buy Sizély products recommend leaving a message on Facebook from the company asking where to find: Our site.

And then, what do you think of this set? It is one of the best plus size bathing suits I have ever seen. The colors are spectacular. Oh, the beach is my right, of another brand, found in Wish Fashion. In the next few days you will see the posts on the Sizély lingerie, that is my sweetheart! Stand by me! Ah, photographed in the living room of the Salon wedding Sandra Scream Hair Professional here in Bauru, which is top and super indico. It was there that I bought my I’m as zany as < 3