Plus Size? My Size!

The internationally known body activist, entrepreneur, and plus size model, Ashley Graham, tells of her Ascension in the Olympus of the fashion industry. It was not a simple way, can imagine. Finally, it has from the outset with a label to fight, which has found so far no place on the catwalk and in the glossy magazines: plus size. It leaves out any details, while she describes the challenging and also rewarding route as its own model. It abuts the self-esteem and physical well-being of the next generation and brings to the expression that it is necessary to accept the diversity of body shapes while the understanding of what is beautiful has changed significantly.

Ashley Graham, 27 years young, was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and discovered at the age of 12 years old in a shopping mall. Due to their natural beauty and extroverted personality, she was already with 13 by an international agency as plus size model under contract. And that was just the beginning of a successful and extraordinary career. Ashley Graham now works in many different areas of fashion. She is the face of Lane Bryant, one, advertising by the bath fashion manufacturer Swimsuitsforall, ED was top fashion companies for plus-size fashionwhen first curvy woman in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (what a big uproar ensured). She was already in vogue in the fashion editorial “the best lingerie comes in all sizes” to see. As a role model for many curvy women and “activist body” it is often guest in schools about body awareness, take care to and empowering women to speak. Their message is always “stand up for curves, confidence is sexy” – sit for curves, self confidence is sexy.

Ashley Graham has in the context of TED talks the speech “plus size? “More like my size” held. In the following video, you can hear your speech in English. Interesting insights go to body, motivation and setting off with stories from her life and information. About this: according to a Dove study, only 2% of women find beautiful. A result that is frightening and contemplative.

By the way: TED stands for technology, entertainment, design and was originally an annual Innovation Conference. TED was known by the TED talks website on the the best lectures than videos can be obtained free of charge. There you will find a wide range, also in English, to the wide range of topics, including motivation, body language, creativity, rhetoric, architecture, fashion, and economy. One of my favorites is the video by comedian James Veitch, in which he responded to a spam eMail.The dialog which then arose between him and the sender, is roaring funny. And somehow pretty bizarre.