Pokemon Go for Android Finally Allows You to Listen to Music, Better Late Than Never

If something will be remembered 2016 in the mobile world (in addition to the crisis of Note 7) will be by the huge success of Pokemon Go. After his release in July, the Niantic game broke all records, and is that the first version was so basic that it seemed almost a beta. The improvements have been coming, but have done very gradually While the number of active users went down to more realistic figures.

But despite having lost many players, Niantic continues to add new features to its augmented reality game and the last is a feature very sued for Android users. We speak of the possibility to listen to music while we hunt Pokemon.

Like the vast majority of mobile games, Pokémon Go has a melody that you start to open the game and plays in loop non-stop unless you activate the silence mode from the settings of the app menu. However, these were the only two options, If we tried to listen to music while we were using the game is it unrolled.

Although Niantic has not specified it in the description of its last update, after you install the new version we have seen that in effect, It is possible to listen to music at the same time I went out to expand our Pokedex.

It’s a basic feature that users of iOS already enjoyed for some time and that Finally it comes to Android, a shame to do it so late, especially now that we are in the middle of winter and going out to catch Pokemon don’t want both.