Polka Dots Fashion Trend 2016

Each new station is so, we are introduced to a bunch oft rends, some catch, sometimes not… and among the many trends that are invading the shop windows of the shops is the polka dots that classic never goes out of fashion, always rising, sometimes the old molds and other times in different retellings, as now, so the pieces with the beloved pattern of polka dots, or balls, both large, and small, are back and well, with the company law, before unimaginable, the animal printpattern, so perfect productions for this autumn-winter.

This winter, although it’s not a new trend, the pattern of polka dots is back, it’s coming from mom or grandma, returned, but more daring, lonely or with controversial marriages with other patterns, and in particular with the animal print.

The pattern polka dots… or “balls” are with everything, with the brands such as Dolce Gabbana and Burberry, who has presented his collections in this print… and of course, as are two reference marks, we can expect many polka dots scattered all over the world.

The polka dots mix with animal print, although it is still viewed with a certain fear by many women, is the big bet this winter, following the wave of mixes of prints that are pumping from another season, as in the case of chess with the floral, which we talked about here.

Although at first glance might seem a marriage doomed to failure, in fact, it seems that the two prints were born for each other, because if complete very well, besides being both very chic, since we’re talking about the mixture of two classics.

The first appearance of this mix was in winter collection of Dolce & Gabbana in Milan, and that was enough for then other brands slowly believed in this marriage, and now in the mix became the darling of the season, and really it’s coming with a vengeance.

Not to miss in time to use the polka dots mix with animal print:
-A tip is to try to create a harmony between the colours of the pictures, that is, their colors should be next.

– Who’s afraid of making mistakes, the tip is to let just one of the prints prevail.

-Is super chic combine a colorful accessory with this mix of prints.

-For who’s afraid of risk, not feeling safe, but like the mix, the tip is betting on accessories such as belts and handbags, so you can use, for example, a sweater in polka dots and a belt or bag leopard print, or vice versa.