Pregnancy Adapting the Pants

They asked me where I buy my pants and shorts for use in pregnancy and the answer is; I don’t buy, I fit in! The top as shirts, shirts and dresses, I managed to find cool templates like I said this week here, and models that I take after without looking pregnant clothes.

I love flare trousers or flared, and shorts, and tailoring these models rarely you find for pregnant women. Except in the United States on brands like Seven and Citizen. Even so, will cost in the range of $ $200 to use only a few months.

So I did the same as I did the other pregnancy and I have spoken here on the blog; take the favorite pieces and neutral good to match various types of clothing, and put a side adjustment can then be removed and the play recosturada. The place I always closed, so did the repair shop the Mall Market Place and turned out great. Just ask for the dressmaker put a “Gore” of lycra or spandex cotton of the closest color to the piece on the side, with more or less 4 cm at the widest part. Is super comfortable and you can use until the end of the pregnancy.

So I’m still wearing the clothes that I like and I don’t have to buy the bottom that you certainly won’t use later!