Pregnant Woman: How to Protect Themselves From The Heat

Hands and feet swollen, sweat and fatigue are the issues that affect many people in the summer when the temperature rises and, in some cases, even exceeds 30 °.

And if you are the end of your pregnancy, these factors are still likely to cause more discomfort and dizziness. So what to do to combat this odious sultriness? For the feet and legs swollen excellent cold foot baths: add some natural herb that helps give relief to your stressed ends. And if your mate, moved with compassion, he also did a nice massage relaxing the foot would not be too bad. Do not try to close your feet in tight shoes or inconvenient: fortunately a big must this summer are the flip flops, comfortable and that let the feet breathe so enjoy! drink plenty of fluids: drinks must be fresh but absolutely never icy; also because very often a warm drink quenches much more than a cold, despite the initial relief. Do stock up on dresses in fabrics like linen and cotton and synthetic avoided that enhance the warm feeling.

If you can then take advantage of the sea or the lake for a restorative break. The fresh water benefits will soon be felt and you can relax lulled by the waves.