Professional Tips for Your Bathroom Lighting with LED

The bathroom as a pure function space? It was once. We are honest, but hardly anybody will mourn the ceiling tiles, rough fiber blankets and Spartan bathroom furniture that once gave the tone. Beautiful is clearly different.

With the increased design and wellness claim also the bathroom lighting is becoming more and more focus. Because as in all living rooms, they substantially affects our sense of well-being. Therefore will show you what actually makes a good bathroom lighting.

LED In The Bathroom?

The first question you ask yourself is probably loud “why a bathroom lighting with LED?”Clearly, we are finally LED dealers. But that’s not the reason, at least not the only one  LED lamps have indeed many advantages. Include, just to name a few:

Instant brightness after powering

Low energy consumption

Extreme durability

Dimmability of many models

Different colours of light by warm-, about neutral-, cold-white and coloured

Are only lukewarm, never hot

Of course there are LED bulbs with splash-water protection, especially for damp rooms such as the bathroom. Due to their diversity and their properties, LED lamps are thus ideal for the realisation of your personal OASIS.

These LED Lights Are Essential In The Bathroom

The type of lamp would be settled. But what LED you need now specifically for a good illumination of the bathroom? Here the hard facts:

Ambient Lighting

For a perfectly illuminated bath is a good general lighting of at least 300 Lux. Usually one or two ceiling lights are sufficient – however possible dispersion, so really the complete surface is optimally illuminated. So the light fades, just in the morning or in the evening not to bright can be used with lamps with opal glass shade, providing a gentle scattering effect. LED panel spread mellow light wall or ceiling lamp provide mellow light. In tagestlichtweiß, they are even first choice for windowless bathroom, to give the appearance of natural light.

Functional lighting

Applying makeup, shaving, hair styling or, or, or – the mirror over the sink is an area where every day a lot of filigree work is needed. And good vision! To avoid drop shadows are recommended for regular-sized bathroom mirror two lights, one left and one right. The mirror is, however, very wide, it should illuminate him also from above-oblong lights that run across the top of and wide spread the light over the entire surface are ideally suited for this purpose.

Accent Lighting

Who wants to use in addition to basic and function lighting lighting accents in the bathroom, picks the best to spot lamps. With its directional light, spotlights and downlights provide warm streiflichter on wall or ceiling.Sparingly used interesting effects conjure up coloured LED. You probably know LED shower heads with colored water jet. As well, you can with special, water-protected LED lights also your shower or the area around the bath tub shine out and exploit the effect of light on the human mood. With blue light, for example, to be up with red, in the evening after a long day to come to rest and relax. With dimmable LED lights, you can change the light intensities in addition according to the mood to relax with soft lighting in the bath.

By the way-bright, generously employed light acts generally invigorating. always pay attention to the color of the walls and ceiling of lighting design. “Dark surfaces absorb more light than light and require therefore a more intense lighting.”