Proper Care of Sleeping Bags

Care Instructions: Backpacks

Like the tent is a clear advantage to gain impregnate your backpack at the seams and fastenings. Never store your backpack in the damp space and avoid bank backpack rain cover for long-term storage when it is wet or damp.

At the flight should be external protection used to protect your backpack against baggage handling staff. A Flight Bag is absolutely recommended.

Care instructions: Sleeping bags

A nyuppackad sleeping bag may seem to lack the loft or thickness. It is important that a new sleeping bag may be at least 24 hours to allow the hollow fibers to swell to its maximum efficiency. Then emerges sleeping bag filling and loft.

If possible, store your sleeping bag hung in a dry area for durability, for example, on a hanger in your closet. Especially down sleeping bags should never be long kept packed away since this can impair the down efficiency. The factory rolled down sleeping bags together at the special way of transport and warehousing so that the down is not affected.

You can wash kid sleeping bags in the washing machine, but be aware that each wash degrades stop the thermal properties. It is recommended to use the inner sheets or a sleeping bag sheets and sleeping bag covers to avoid washing and thus increase the life of your sleeping bag. Use synthetic-free detergents. At the down sleeping bags should detergents Approve the use of down and sleeping bag should tumbled to the lowest heat with tennisbållar to regain sleeping bag loft and fullness.

Care instructions: Rubber Mattresses

Air must be placed and regulated when the pressure increases when it gets hot, such as the summer heat or sunlight. Even after use in water.Otherwise, the air mattress at risk of being damaged internally, ie, be formless.

Care instructions: Zipper

Zippers should never be exposed to violence / aggression, but carefully conducted in the zipper hem. Ports flaps wrong it is not possible to drag the slider up or down. Also check that no fabric or other stuck in the slider or zipper. Remember that it is your managing users that directly affect the pull chain life.


Ickefunktions-/ blemish as microhål and / or småknutor in the tissue and not quite as straight seams are not considered complaints only.Such deviations may also be at the more expensive brands profile.