Protect Yourself From The Sun Even Wet

In this post dissected our t-shirts with the aim that each and every one of the people who want to protect yourself from the Sun even wet in our stores are an ideal garment for them.

Many are people who surfed all year regardless of if it is hot or cold, however is the summer time of year to discover water sports like surfing, paddle surfing, Bodyboarding etc.

We all know that exercise has its benefits and its risks. They are always major benefits that can bring you the sport to your every day, however in today’s post we will focus to speak about the risks that can make water sports especially under the natural environment.

In numerous posts of our blog will find and share risks that can make the currents, the wind, the excessive influx of people, etc. Without However in today’s post we will focus on one of the most frequent risks in the world of water sports: Sun.

We live in a society in which more and given more importance to the personal image and seems to always be “handsome” relates to be moreno or having a beautiful skin color.

We must be aware of all the risks that has exposure to the solong l and the delicacy of our skin.

The Sun causes much damage in our skin and we must be aware that the skin is adept at memorizing these damages and may have consequences quite negative as for example the ageing of the skin, burns that may be related to skin cancer.

It is very advisable to go to the dermatologist, will help you to prevent all these risks and above all will be your right hand when choosing a sunscreen.

When it comes to any type of sport in the water from Decathlon we provide a practice safer through our sun protection clothing. In this post dissected these t-shirts with the aim that each and every one of the people who want to protect yourself from the Sun even wet are an ideal garment for them in stores.

ANTI-UV protection – PROFILTER: The fabric of this product anti-UV TRIBORD allows you to block 98% of UVB rays and 95% of the UV RAYS (UPF 50 +). Conforms to EN-13758-2, is the guarantee of effective protection against the Sun. You can use the water in and out of the water for aquatic and nautical sports.

Long-lasting protection with the passing of time, even after washing, thanks to the incorporation of ceramic particles directly on fiber product.

Quick-drying: The fabric of polyester dries quickly naturally after being in the water.

Sun protection habits: This shirt protects from the Sun, but must take into account other phenomena as the reverb (on water, sand…), heat, time of day, etc. The fact to wear this shirt does not dispense you follow a proper behavior: wear sunglasses as described in outdoor items, a hat or a CAP, regularly apply a good sunscreen, drink often, etc.

What means UPF 50+?: UPF is a sunscreen (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) standardized and normalized index worldwide.Determines the level of protection of the fabric and in particular the proportion of transmission of the rays UV.

To meet standards, the tissue should be 95% of UV rays. UPF 50 + means that the tissue blocks at least 95% of UVA rays and 98% of UVB rays.

Limitation of IRRITATIONS: This t-shirt anti-UV protects from chafing and irritation caused by contact with the table of surf or bodyboard. You can also use under a suit to protect against skin irritation, especially in the neck and armpits. We have studied this wrap top Tribord cut and designed panels without seams under arms to limit irritation produced by movements of the paddling.

Fastening system: This top anti-UV Tribord is equipped with a cord of adjustment on the hips. It allows to adjust the top to have a better grip. Is also designed to move the swimsuit short cord so that the top is raised during practice.

Enjoy Sun safely is in your hand, if you have any question do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist. For any doubt of our products please consult our sales in stores.

It starts in the summer!