PVC Carpet

Today I will talk about the rug in Parklon PVC that I bought for my daughters and I just loved it.

I don’t know how I’d bought before because I would have enjoyed much since to Bruna crawled a long time!!!

This carpet is the maximum and an item that I consider indispensable for those who have children at home, be a baby or a little bigger. Actually bought because of the Manu for when she starts to sit and be able to play without danger, because in the time when the baby sits alone, he falls a lot. With the carpet just put the baby in the middle and if he goes down, there’s no risk of getting hurt because it is pretty cute.

The PVC mat is super tough, no warps, is anti-allergic and non-slip. It’s super easy to clean because it is just past a doily and ready. To save just wrap it and let in some corner.

Much more practical and hygienic than those plates in E.V. that tend to be the choice of all mothers for being cheap. But the plates you have to assemble and disassemble, and still absorb moisture and dirt as they are not waterproof.

On sunny days I leave the carpet on my porch, I put a lot of toys and Bruna has fun. The coolest is that the carpet itself is already a joke, because it has so many drawings that any child is delighted. And as to Bruna hates keep shoes in the House, was an alternative to her play and not get in the frozen ground. And the carpet still has 2 sides, one different from the other. See below:

This is a detail of the carpet, is super soft and tasty stepped in. The model I chose is Big Teddy but Safari was super hard to choose because all are beautiful.

Anyone want to buy online or view all models and sizes, just click on the website of our site.

And who wants to take questions and information, just send an email to Richard:our site.