Retro Costume Jewelry

The vintage jewellery includes different kinds of non-precious materials & fashion jewelry; necklaces, rings, bracelets that recall the taste and style of other eras. Also, in fact, exactly like clothes and many other consumer products follow fashions and trends; those who recall the bygone vintage are defined and are very popular nowadays by those looking for original accessories and details.

Retro Costume Jewelry


The vintage is a category that encompasses a large number of objects of all kinds, but it’s also a way to emphasize the value of a particular accessory by virtue of its membership of other years and past eras. Even the jewels, which since ancient times were the expression of fashion and trend of female world, are part of the world because they are considered representations of vintage costume of the past.

When it comes to jewelry, we talk about objects that are not particularly expensive and which were built with little precious materials, but not ugly. Indeed, imitation jewellery, with its low costs and the variety of its objects, gives many people the opportunity to enrich your wardrobe with original accessories and various taste.


Based on INTERNETAGES, the term vintage jewellery are various accessories, necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches, belonging to different periods of history, especially the period between the 50s and 80s, reminiscent of the style and taste of the jewels which in those years were most appreciated and become a cult.

For some are considered obsolete objects and now out of fashion, but for many others, true fans not only original and alternative fashion, but also of styles and costumes from different periods, are a real passion.

The materials with which it is built the vintage jewellery are varied and may be more or less expensive depending on the composition. It is bijoux mostly metal and hard plastic that often follow and imitate pearls, diamonds and gems. Many are made with precious stones, which are used depending on the color for trim rings and necklaces.

Much appreciated, among the vintage jewellery, earrings with clip closure or, alternatively, long, drooping color gold and silver, inlaid with patterns in relief cameos for bracelets, necklaces and brooches and necklaces with double or triple strand made with faux pearls of varying sizes, interwoven with ribbons and golden threads.


Although almost all shops selling jewellery items always have some item vintage to propose to our customers, if you are fond of this type of costume jewelry, the best place to find original parts and detailed figures are the local markets and fairs that are held in almost every city in the year and posing precisely this kind of accessories.

It will be easier, so browse through all the items until you find the right one, with the detail you are looking for and at a price you feel convenient.