Right Way of Using Pillow

The pillow is an essential accessory for a good night’s sleep. But if it is too soft, not well selected or poorly maintained, it can harm health. Here are the bad habits to stop without waiting!

Take a soft pillow when sleeping on the side

Franciscogardening lists three criteria for choosing the right pillow: The shoulder width, position to sleep and any back or neck pain.

-People who sleep on their side must be careful to choose a thick pillow because the neck is furthest from the mattress because of the shoulder.

-Those who suffer from pain or cervical osteoarthritis must turn to a suitable pillow, shape memory.

-The sleepers on the back can settle for a classic shape.

-Those who sleep on their stomachs must imperatively choose a possible flat pillow to do not arch your back. A position that is also discouraged by doctors, to the risk of creating pain.

Do not wash the cover fairly frequently

We tend to believe that the pillowcase has less need to go to the washing machine as the rest of the sheets.

This is false, because traces of makeup, dead skin are legion on this fabric. Besides mites which grow easily and can cause significant allergies. Finally, we should not forget that we sweat a lot of head at night. “We’re losing a litre of water per night and our tendency to sweat does not spare the pillowcase”, says Alexandra Director Haim of “The House of the pillow”.

The good reflex: wash the pillowcases every 15 days.

Not to put a pillow case at all

Do not get into the habit to protect his pillow with a pillow case made him lose several months of use.

The latter allows to protect it from moisture due to sweating and done as a barrier against dust mites.

“If you don’t protect him, polyester fiber will amalgamate with sweating,” says Alexandra Haim. Result: tasks and halos brunatres appear.

The way to go: to avoid it from becoming a true nest to microbes, the best is to machine wash the pillow all three months regardless of its material (down, feathers,…).

Keep his pillow over 3 years

Although it is very good, a pillow eventually wear out, and need to change more often than a mattress or box spring: approximately every three years.

But everything depends on the chosen material.

– The pillows polyester fiber keep four years maximum.

– Those based on feathers or down five years.

– Those shape memory can be kept longer still.

To recognize a worn pillow, one must look “if it provides more support and if it hardened, if its interior is disparate and there are balls and if yellow stains have appeared same with a pillow case”, advises Alexandra Haim.

Sleep with two pillows

If a too flat pillow is not satisfactory, overlay two pillows on other for more “Mellow” is a very bad idea.

The back cannot fail to know, because this bad habit leads to a position that “breaks” the line of the neck to the bottom of the back, causing neck pain or lumbar important.

“,The night will be of inferior quality due to microreveils caused by the fact that we must always put the pillows in place”, certifies Alexandra Haim. This last also warns against the bolsters: “keep them just to read or to decorate but not for sleep because with their cylindrical shape, the head falls well.

Anti-mite treated pillow: good or bad idea?

The people allergic mites can turn to special products to treat their pillows. But the latter are not advised to everyone. Treatments based on essential oils, for example, are not recommended for pregnant women and young children.

“There are more conventional treatments but they contain chemical substances, you have to put as little as possible and turn to an allergist,” says Alexandra Haim. For other people who use these products, there is no accurate against-indications, but allergy or not, the best prevention is to “change his pillow as often as possible,” she concluded.