Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II

The GMT-Master II Rolex has a two-tone bezel in black and blue.

The GMT-Master and the GMT-Master II are the timepieces with the most recognizable Rolex sport models. Last but not least is the striking, colored bezel. It is also the youngest model. It is the remake of an iconic timepiece once developed at a special customer request.

In the course of the development of transcontinental flights in the 1950s, the aircraft began to cross multiple time zones in a short time. The famous American airline Pan American World Airways, short Pan am, was looking for a watch that made it possible for the pilots to be able to read two different time zones at a glance. Affiliated Rolex developed the model 6541, the GMT-Master, named after the “Greenwich mean time”. The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master, Rolex became the official watch of Pan am and quickly became a great success. Another milestone in the history of the world clock followed in 1985, when Rolex launched the GMT-Master II with two-tone, rotating bezel.

The GMT-Master II Stainless Steel

At BASELWORLD 2013 , the luxury watch brand presented a new version of the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in stainless steel with a two-tone disc made of ceramics in blue and black. The black part is for the night, the blue for the hours of the day. Thanks to the Rolex developed and patented Cherachrome process, you get two-tone ceramic component of the clock. The material is scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant, UV resistant colors. The 24-hours engraved graduation is covered with a fine layer of Platinum.

World clock Rolex

Inside the GMT-Master II, a movement working caliber 3186, a Swiss chronometer with automatic self winding mechanism, date display and simultaneously display of a second time zone. The oscillator, the heart of the world clock is equipped with a Parachrom patented by Rolex.This spiral is extremely stable for temperature variations and is ten times shock-resistant than a conventional spiral shocks, for example, with turbulence in the air.

For better readability, the Watch has a Zyklolupe on the three o’clock position. The indexes are covered with a long after bright luminous markers. The housing made of stainless steel, ribbed floor and scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal is hermetically bolted used special key watchmakers by using one of the Rolex. As a result, the watch is waterproof up to 100 meters.