Salvador’s Carnival Has Broadcast on YouTube

Not only backcountry frontiersman living the the live broadcasts YouTube. The video site Google debut this year complete coverage of everything that happens in the Salvador Carnival, one of the busiest in Brazil. The first live videos begin to be already shown on Thursday, ensuring a real warm for when Carnival comes.

According to YouTube promotional material, the coverage will be complete, complete with pictures of the cabins, and the scenes – mainly tell by the way – of electric trios. Although Salvador has several carnival circuit, the transmission made ​​by Google will be limited to the shows that take place in the circuit Barra-Ondina.

The presentation of the revelry of coverage will be made by Thierry FIG tree (?) And Erika Mader(??). Every day, a special guest attend the broadcast. They are: Paula Fernandes, Toni Garrido and Emanuelle Araujo.

Internet users interested in the Bahian carnival will follow the event during the 6 days of celebration, always from 18h (Brasilia time). YouTube did not say what time the broadcast will be terminated, but I imagine it’s late at night. Exceptionally this Thursday, live coverage starts at 20h.

The transmission of revelry Salvador is sponsored by Banco Santander, the operator Hi and by Garnier, which produces health and beauty items.