Samsung Comes out of the Top 5 Manufacturer Smartphones in China

During the last quarterly report, Samsung has highlighted as a part of the decrease resulted from the section smartphone is due to stiff competition inside the low end of the market. More and more Chinese companies have significantly improved the quality of their products, offer devices that can compete with those of middle range despite having a typical low-end price bin. This approach to the market definitely has displaced the main producers, always been accustomed to a more clear distinction between commodities Preamplifiers and not, both for performance and for the price.

The effect of this unexpected change of the market is particularly visible in China, where manufacturers are able to market all of the devices in their catalog, unlike in international markets where only goes “a selection” in the lineup. Your latest Strategy Analytics show that, in the last quarter 2015, Samsung has lost its position in the top 5 of the leading manufacturers of smartphones in China, seeing its market share eroded from local competition. We discover that Huawei dominates the ranking with 15.2% market share, followed by Xiaomi to 13.8% and from Apple, only manufacturer not Chinese, with 13.1%. In fourth place are Alive, with 10% of shares, and in the fifth, formerly occupied by Samsung in Q3 2015, we find Oppo to 9.2%.

As for the expeditions, in the reference period of Q4 2015, Huawei has shipped 17.9 million, 15.5 million, 17.5 million, Apple Xiaomi Alive 11.8 million and 10.8 million smartphones Oppo.

The figure is particularly significant when you consider that just two years ago, Samsung was the first place ranking, showing us how this market is alive and is going through an important period of change.