Samsung Smartcam Security Camera

The home security camera Samsung SmartCam SNH-10110N is in the form of a small circular compact 8cm diameter of about 3 cm high, with a total weight of 80 g. A small hatch at the rear provides access to the Ethernet jack and power connector. The Fraps comes with a power cable, an Ethernet cable, a double-sided adhesive mounting bracket screws and quick installation guide.

The initiation begins with the mains connection and the network by Ethernet. You must then create an account on the site dedicated Samsung SmartCam. Securitypology reminds you that the serial number is on the back of the camera.

The setup seems to me a bit tedious, we must first create an account on the site Samsung SmartCam with username and password and save his camera with the serial number, a new password (called private key) and name we wish to give his camera, then install a plug-in (which plug-in needed to close his browser to install, and finally return to the site to select your camera in a list to finally access the image, phew!… We have already seen easier.

Now connected, accessing a display screen that allows monitoring the baby sleep, but can also help keep an eye on his home and to be notified in real time of any intrusion. The image definition is very average, as color fidelity, but it is true that it is less important for this type of product, the essential point being that we can ensure the health of her cherub or detect intrusion when used in surveillance camera, and that’s the case here. The fluidity of the image is not the strong point of Fraps but clearly illustrates what happens.

Several configurations are possible from the console, including alerts about noise and movement (on-screen or shared either by email or on your Account YouTube as a 30-second video, or to Picasa as an image capture, or to a list of friends that you have previously informed and finally, last chance, as a notification on your account Twitter.

Among the available settings, brightness, intensity of the sound signal, particularly WiFi, never to be forced to permanently wired Ethernet connection. It is a pity that Samsung has not pushed to its logical conclusion by providing the camera with a battery. One can also regret the absence of a more mobile fixing system, like that of Baby monitor Wilthings, to fix the cradle or on a boat. Interesting possibility, you can also exercise control from your smartphone Android as Apple, thanks to a dedicated application. I actually found this more user-friendly application that site. SNH-1010 also offers an intercom and a night vision mode.

Ultimately, this camera made by Samsung as a mix between baby monitor and security camera seems a lot to me more appropriate to use it. Its wall bracket, the latency of the images, and the lack of battery instead intend to use the very sedentary Compact and discreet, it is instead a means economical and efficient to keep an eye on his home remotely, whether at work on vacation. The application available on Google Play on AppStore as is more evident.