Samsung Unveils New Smartwatch

The device shown in the patent is very similar to the Moto 360 smartwatch promising

Samsung is betting big on the market for wearables, and if that was not enough to be the company with a greater presence in the industry- dominates 73% of the market smartwatch-the South Koreans are already preparing future releases. This time it is a new patent published by the company which gives us a clue of where the shots could go the future of Samsung smart watches.

With the newly released Galaxy Gear smartwatch line, Samsung has managed to position itself as the leading company in the sector. However, there are few criticisms of the new products of the firm, basically for lack of notable developments or involving a real justification for paying the € 300 currently worth.

However, Samsung is already working on a much more interesting technology that has given us so far in their wearables. As we see in the patent, your next smart watch could have a completely circular sphere very similar, which has the promising LED watches from, the first smartwatch market that incorporate Android Wear of Google operating system.

One of the most interesting features of the patent is that the various device functions may be controlled by hand gestures. For example, when making a gesture with our wrist, we would be activating a certain function of the clock, as unlock, display notifications or simply turn on your screen.

The device would be able to read bar codes and automatically provide information about the product

As we can see, the patent filed by Samsung describes a device capable of scanning barcodes and automatically provide information on product prices, reviews and more. Furthermore, as most devices wearables, also it includes oriented world health and fitness functions. In fact, one of the models shows an interface that displays the number of calories consumed during our activity.

Finally, but equally interesting, Samsung would be interested in allowing the device could be in different parts of our body beyond our wrist, as in our arm or around the neck as a string. Of course, all this does not stop being a patent and experience has taught us that often never reach the title product.

What do you think the features described by Samsung? You should incorporate the iWatch?