Sandals with Block

And because I’ve already preached enough this week, I’m back today-I’m sure-I’m quite sure. I’ll keep the door shut.

 Today I will amuse you-with only positive things. I will not tell you that my drawer drawer is overflowing and I can not close it. But I still do not want to carry the stupid piece of paperwork to their destination. The shredder namely… ahem… O:-) Also I would not like to talk about the spring cleaning, because this also brings the warm temperatures with itself. No more excuses and the nice weather pressure is huge.But even if I can not really motivate myself to all these activities-my feet already have the spring coat-because I was already on foot care and that is why today there is the first time open shoes … Freedom for the winter feet in sandals with block heels according to shoesespecially.

Okay-the fair weather! I tell you, yesterday all the neighbors came out of their huts to get the house and the yard in order. And with some, I thought it was someone new moved in-so long I had not seen them. Where I have to throw at the place-it was up to me… I believe I am a bear or a hedgehog or any other animal that retreats to winter sleep. If the temperature is less than 10 degrees, my operating temperature will be dangerous… especially in the downstairs. I hope so, my boss does not read here… My brain region suffers seriously in the cold and dark season. Just as nature drives in the winter on sparflame so my gray cells behave… At least as far as memory is concerned. This is why I am learning every spring, countless new people-even though we have not moved at all. Also has advantages-I tell you…

I’m Lost For Words

However, my animal does not seem to agree, which species it now belongs. For me, the winter sleep goes somehow seamlessly into the spring fatigue… But that is only so on the sidelines mentioned… finally I would like to cheat you here and do not cheat it. And I really just wanted to cheer you up with positive things. However, I am not so much for fun and good mood. Because of one of my best friends, the man has moved out this weekend. A pretty long stretch of road the two have gone together and now it’s over. And I hate the feeling of standing there and doing nothing. I can only watch… and offer her an ear when she needs one. But otherwise… I’m powerless… Corrosive is that. So corrosive that even the words are missing, describe my mind… What happens without crap, rather rare.


And it raises the question for me why we humans always seem to be looking? I think most people use a lot of their time after the puberty to find the partner for life. In our society this is somehow equated with satisfaction and happiness. And of course you have to share everything. The good and the bad times and above all the good and the bad sides. Because no one can endure with all his facets 24/7-365 days a year. Not even the best of all. So not even I… Yes, yes already clear-no one spends 24 hours together. But whoever is part of the bed and table depends on 24 hours-even if that is not always physical. I’m sorry, I can not describe it better… because I do not want to close anyone.

Anything Else?

I only know one thing… At the age when we usually tie ourselves to the partner for life, we can not yet see what that means. By this I do not mean now that one is to make the first difficulties immediately from the field. By this I mean simply that at a young age we have no real idea of ​​this “lifetime”. Because with a romantic love-schnulzen-performance it has unfortunately little to do. Or do I stand alone with this opinion? Is it perhaps because the only long-term relationship I have known since my childhood is that of my parents.When I think back, I always wanted to do it differently when I was very young. Just as I wanted to educate my children differently… Whether I succeed or whether this is still important to me? To admit that it is not so, I am still too young…

Do I Want To Know?

In addition, the seventies and eighties were completely different times. We have to educate ourselves differently today, whether we like it or not. But nothing at all: I wonder if this life model did not somehow end up? Is the Christian-shaped relationship of mother/father/child really as desirable as society wants us to believe? When I look at the couples and relationships that the partners are in their forties, I’m not quite sure… And when I sometimes experience such old couples in the supermarket, I’m not sure if that’s the big one Love or whether she had ever been. Only really open are the at least humans… probably not even their own parents. But if I wanted to know about them-hmmmm-I can not say that anyway.

One Is Always Back

What I know, however, is that many couples fail because of the addiction that life with children brings with them. Also, if you do it all at the beginning everything voluntarily-so if the children are still small. Until you know, 10 years are rum and really completely back to full-time seems in a “normal” 9to5 job then still impossible and retail with its opening hours even more… Apart from mothers and fathers, who are active in the shift service. And even if you have found a construct that ensures the child care in “normal” times… With children one realizes rather quickly that the least time runs everything “normal”. In addition: to get children, and then let them be looked after full-time by other people? This is also not everyone’s or everyone’s cause. And then usually one is back… and in the case of separation this person is the one who remains financially on the track.

Sandals With Block Heel

Ojeee-with the not preaching has worked so great. And it was not like that, whimpering and amusing. But I have to watch the life of a good friend. Even if there is always a chance. At this point she is not yet and I honestly do not. We’ll talk about it later… And now we’re talking about the outfit… For at least to the open shoes, which I also announced above, I kept myself. This pair is also from theSchuhhaus Lüke, as well as the extravagant lace-up . In these sandals with block heaps, I was equally shocked, which has absolutely to do with my newly discovered love for Rosé. The girl revival is also underlined by the new pink blazer, which can even be washed. With the color quite grandios and I find Axel Rose fits as excellent.

And now I would like to know-how you see this whole relationship thing?

I wish you a nice and relaxed Sunday-watch out for you, your Conny

PS:… on Tuesday, there will be whimsical or so… definitely …I give myself completely doll trouble…