Security Camera on Your Phone

Receive real-time alerts directly on your smartphone!

It is unimaginable that you are always connected to your camera to monitor your home. It is for this reason that developed the motion detection: wherever you are, you are alerted if the camera spots a suspicious movement or displacement.

The most advanced cameras are also able to discriminate natural movements, for example the branches of a tree shaken by the wind, human movements or objects, like a car.

According to, the alert is by email or SMS, and you can receive on a remote computer or smartphone. The first solution is free, the second usually pay. The message contains an image capture of the camera, showing that it has detected, or link to the image or video, regardless of the storage location.

Help secure your connection:

The ease of use is not always consistent with effective security! Remote access from your smartphone is certainly very convenient as it only requires a password. Same for viewing your recordings from the Cloud. On the down side, this facility is a boon to hackers or malicious users. If you just a basic password (eg. House), it will be discovered within minutes.

To reduce the risk, change when installing your camera ID (usually “admin”) and the default password ((often “12345”). Replace them by example, “May + SOUND” as an identifier (login) and “K + 57D * Aze” as password “strong.”