Self-schooling Your Horse: Pros and Cons

You have bought a young horse and is obviously completely happy with your beautiful, beautiful animals. It should only be schooled. It looks good for you to do it yourself so that you can all lead your horse or pony that you want. However, a horse training is not something that can be done by in passing. The question of knowledge, skill, patience and confidence and you can only do it once good. You are dealing with a large animal that is always stronger than you. You should therefore sly so you do not need to use your power. Problems you have to resolve itself over time, because the last thing you want is that accidents happen to you or your horse. No one wants a horse that you are difficult or even never get on. Therefore wise to go to work and make a conscious choice about whether you break horses!

  • Pros and Cons
  • Can I do it or not?
  • Which professional?
  • You will do it yourself

Pros and Cons

Both self-schooling your horse when your horse let schooling has advantages and disadvantages.
Beleren benefits of self:

  • You can horse as pedantic as you wish, means you can easily find, silently standing next to a stool, with or without a piece of riding, bareback, saddle with, start with step or just soon gallop meepakken etcetera. Everything is in your hands. You know exactly what the horse learns and what it’s all good, or they may not. This is a big advantage, because then you can easily follow your own path. Mind you, a good professional always ensure a good transfer to you after school. For example, he gives a few lessons so that you know how the horse reacts and what he used to helpers.
  • You can Beleren horse at their own pace. Even if you need to speak a year before for the first time traveling, then you know it yourself. Send your horse to a professional, then the horse two or three months away and comes back leathered. During this period, must check the designated questions, basically. A good professional also takes into account what the horse can do, but the horse will never get a week or a few days off to deal with things. There it is simply too expensive for it. Do you do it yourself, then you can take all the time you want and that you deem necessary.
  • It is particularly instructive. Self schooling, you learn a lot. It makes you become a better rider and it teaches you to be a coach for your horse.
  • Your horse can stay in their own familiar hideaway. Some horses are very happy.

Beleren disadvantages of self: 

  • You can learn the things that are wrong. This is annoying because you have to learn it again in a different way.The longer a young horse exhibiting bad behavior, the harder it is to get out. So use common sense. Consider carefully what you do and what you want to teach the horse. Consider whether you are with what you choose will actually achieve what you want.
  • An accident is not excluded. A young horse can do crazy things, and you might end up there again next. If you are afraid of this, you can now decide otherwise.
  • A good coach can be a sharp horse on support schooling. Do you do it yourself, then, depending on your experience, take longer before you have your horse for each other as you would like.

Advantages let school: 

  • Your horse is skillful and experienced hands. When you find a good, reliable and stable, or seek an instructor to let schooling your horse, you go out there, you get back a finely trained horse, without the risk ?? s school takes care of itself.
  • The Beleren develop faster because a professional can quickly correct wrong behavior. Such people have so many horses had taken them many problems for it.

Drawbacks to let schooling: 

  • Sometimes we are able to more experienced people to schooling a horse. This may be due to the method used, because the voltage when the horse is not recognized, or that it is a very difficult horse. The latter, however, is unusual. The choice of a stable or instructor that fits your horse, is very important.
  • It costs a lot of money. Remember to enter a horse must be done correctly. Can you who do not, it will cost you more money later to repair the damage. Can you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money. It is always wise to have a good instructor, you can prevent mistakes.