Shoulder Bag 2015: There are Three!

In my contribution to the backpack of the year 2015 , I had already told you what desperate fight I lead with my own choice of bag 2015. The battle is now fought and I beat me almost even in this fight, because there is not only a survivor, but three winners in theelection to the bag 2015.

I have really long wrangled with the election and wanted to win really was originally only a single case. But the drawbacks were obvious, because there’s not a bag that slays all requirements and fits on ‘everything’ as the number one.

Therefore, aviationopedia recommends the three subsequent bags belong to the winners.

Compagnon Little Messenger Light Brown

The compagnon Little Messenger gets my “heart Prize”, because it is an affair of the heart for me, as I both compagnon very like the makers behind the company name, and really appreciate the philosophy of two people, but also the quality and the versatility of this bag. I’ve been using this versatile bag very often in everyday life with up to two cameras. Like I’m transporting my Leica Q and my Sony A7R II in it with the scheduled Sony Zeiss 55 1.8. With 28 mm and 55 mm focal length, I could make a whole Wedding emotions reports without something important here would be missing me. To both these cameras and their memory and batteries my 9, 7″ Tablet fits very well including cover/SmartCover add and also my wallet and a headset. I did have produce me the Little Messenger at that time with a longer strap for an additional fee so I still easily cross can wear these with thick winter jacket over the upper body. In short, I love this leather and this bag!

Tenba Cooper 13 Dslr

The Cooper by Tenba with your fabric / leather combination has captured me in the storm. I had this bag for some Städtetripps to Holland, Hamburg, Berlin and also at tranquility shootings in use and like it more and more. Whenever I need my 13″ notebook, I take the Cooper . The Cooper is the smallest and smartest bag in which I my notebook, and two cameras (as above the Leica Q and as well the Sony A7R II with the Sony Zeiss 55 1.8) and still the 90’s Sony can store easily. I call you also like my ‘blogger Pocket”, because I can have everything included in it, what I to mobile work, blogging, photographing and Potter need.Just yesterday, I had this bag in Berlin and again enjoyed have mobile active with her. The almost silent Velcro, I know so effectively only by Tenba, the rear Trollyband, the handle of the bag and the extremely discreet look of the bag make them for me the number one of the notebook-photo bags and therefore this brilliant bag has earned a permanent place in the top 3 from 2015.

Oberwerth Munich

My most expensive and the most used bag in 2015. I must admit that the Munich loved but at the beginning, due to the fact that it is hand-made and made in Germany and in very high quality is processed. I like the absolutely high dismiss (there is that Word?)Products by Oberwerth very. However, she has won my heart as a real photo bag not quite so fast. I use the Oberwerth Munich but not as a camera bag, but as “Office bag” with my 14″ notebook companies, all cables and power supplies and my Skype headset and a compact camera (I go Yes not without a camera out of the House…). The combination of dark brown very noble but yet very durable leather and the black fabric make that exactly fits Munich by Oberwerth a companion to the jeans, like a black suit. With this bag is one (s) always properly dressed. Since I more or less every day use this bag and really appreciate it is a winner for me in any case.

Maybe understand her after these explanations for why there this year 2015 is not the one pocket bag for me and not just a bag manufacturer.

Had I chosen a compagnon, like my (old) Messenger, I would need to listen to again by my biggest fans I would be bought with my opinion.

Would be my choice on my fairly new Oberwerth Bayreuth (my Leica Q Pocket) 2015 fell to the bag, would I listen to must, that this little gem nothing really fits in.

Would it become my love used The Weekender compagnon , the same certainly applies as above below.

Bags that have fascinated me in 2015 are the new models of dried, the move, the motion and the city Pro, which I’ll present here to you in the next few days, but these were too new for this year’s election.

The straight market published fresh Messenger of peak design would also have to play good opportunities here with is still on the way to me.

The Dothebags that I could also see this year are also very fine bags about which I was thinking a while.

The Retrospectives Leather have fascinated also models this year, as think tank hereby strongly on the market and the huge demand has responded to leather.

Yes my dear fans, Follover, supporters and supporters, as you can see I don’t did it me with this election and still came to the result.

A few nice things appear on the bag heaven horizon and also 2016 will be an exciting year of bag -I’m very sure! I look forward to it and am also still very about your feedback and your Pocket reports, because what makes this community and this blog. Here blogging not just a crazed bag crazy guy, but a lot of amount of users who produce every month to the 3 million clicks on this server. Keep it-I do it, too!

At this point I would like to thank very warmly for all input suppliers as well as for my sponsors, allowing this terrific project here. I thank you all from the heart-because this blog-this community-is a pure heart of mine and followed so far and zero in the future commercial intentions and so it will stay! Thank you!