Skirt Lengths and Your Shoes

The majority of women start the day without knowing what to wear right?, but thanks to the climate, sunny days can be leveraged to wear that skirt you both like and long ago not you wear.

Here are some tips on the perfect shoe to complement your outfit:

Long skirts

The only thing you have to keep in mind when choosing what shoes wear is your height. Long skirts as described in summer clothes usually reach to touch the floor, if you are of short stature, heels and platforms are your best choice. Conversely, if your body is high you can use a few flats with style.

Skirts to the knee

The same rules apply for skirts to the knee, combines your skirt with some ankle boots, heels, sandals or platform depending on your height. The boots with this type of skirts are ideal if you want to dress a little more conservative or create a work look, we recommend you not opt for the flats since they will make you look smaller in height.

Mini skirts

Ideal for use with mini skirt footwear heels, boots, thigh high boots and platforms, all depends on how much leg you want to teach. If your legs are long and your body slim can also use them with flats or sandals. Similarly if your skirt is not very tight, high boots you look incredible.