Sleeping Bag DIY

Sleeping bag DIY, here’s how to make it happen in a simple, original and economical. Follow the steps, you play the pattern on tissue paper or newsprint, decide the weight of fabric depending on the season in which you’ll use it and sewn with the sewing machine. Alternatively, the DIY sleeping bag can be made with the knife or crocheting.

What a lovely invention the lightweight sleeping bag with tips of pimasleepingbags! Delete blankets and sheets in one fell swoop, to avoid that the child will learn always wakes up and is a chore for creativity. Let’s see how to make it happen in a simple, original and affordable …

Sleeping bag DIY: first step
Of course, before the creation, you ensure that you have sufficient and correct material. Use a lint-free cover like fleece and cotton. If you want to use a sleeping bag as children try to use one quilted.

Sleeping bag DIY: second step

Created on standard size paper-model taking you see listed, or based on your child’s pyjamas measures, increased by 2-3 cm per side, neck and sleeves. The increases will serve not only the seams but also because the child should be comfortable and wide.

Sleeping bag DIY: step three
Place the paper-model obtained on cloth, whereas front and back pieces are identical except that the front is composed of 2 parts and shall provide for the opening of Salem. You’ll have to get so full of 3 pieces: one behind and the two mid front. Stops the pattern with sewing pins and draw the outline with chalk from seamstress.

  • Once you cut out the whole thing, you have what it takes on the reverse by assembling the pieces one at a time and baste
  • Eliminate paper model
  • Pass the whole machine
  • Apply buttons on shoulder straps

This is the final result

Insert the your baby and let it play and … of course some sleep! You will see how he’ll be comfortable.

The sleeping bag is a really convenient and allows you to avoid the hassle of blankets.