Smart Watches May Cause More Inattention than Smartphones in Traffic

Governments in several countries have already banned the use of mobile devices in the direction, it is not allowed to speak on the cell phone or write messages. Although it sounds simple, it’s difficult to change, thousands of people around the world have already suffered serious crashes from using smartphones while driving. Recently in Paraná a woman hit the car and even so she took selfies.

A new study carried out in the United Kingdom points out that smartphones are not the biggest problem of the new generation. According to information from The Huffington Post, wearing smart watches in the direction is even more dangerous.

The study by the Transport Research Laboratory in Wokingham shows that when reading messages on smartwatches, drivers would take about 2.52 seconds to react and perform some emergency maneuver. Meanwhile, someone talking on the phone with another person reacts in 0.9 seconds.

And smart watches actually got in the worst position of the study, already the driver could react in 1.85 seconds when reading messages on smartphones. The research refers to Apple Watch, but as the device has not yet been released, the lab used a smart watch from another unidentified mark.

The country has already been banned the use of smartwatches in the direction, as well as other mobile devices.The law banning cell phones in transit began in 2003, and after the ban there were only 22 fatal crashes due to the use of such devices. Although tragic, it is a low number considering that it has been 12 years.

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