Smartphone Internal Phone Storage

The internal memory of the phone is crucial. It is on the latter that will come to install applications and games downloaded from the shops, not to mention the pictures, the music and videos. Suffice to say that there must be some room for hope accommodate all these people.

16 GB must represent a minimum, especially as the operating system of the device sometimes occupies much. From 32 GB, it is already more comfortable, knowing that the values above correspond mainly to wholesale needs.

MicroSD, mon amour

To extend its memory, there are only two options: buy a version with more capacity or have a slot for microSD card. The second is clearly cheaper, but all phones are not equipped: Not all Android and Windows Phone are entitled to it, and the latest BlackBerry. In iOS, none comes with such a port.

On the iPhone, the internal memory is billed at full price. Apple asks more than 100 euros to double the initial capacity, while a memory card of 32 GB does not cost a twenty euros in the worst case.

The presence of a microSD slot is a real asset. It can expand easily and cheaply the capacity of the phone. When there is none, the choice of the amount of onboard memory is very important and should be reflected. Consider its uses and needs. If 16GB is a minimum, 32GB sometimes becomes a bit tight for a truly versatile use, based on games, music and video.