Smartphone Sales Slow Down

According to initial estimates by Ejinhua on 2015 was the last year in which there has been a growth in sales of smartphones in double digits, as widely expected by most analysts. Last year have been marketed well 1.44 billion units, or 10.4% more than the previous year, but projections for this device sold 1.5 billion 2016 speak of growth practically halved to 5.7%.This is not an isolated case, the single digit growth trend seems likely to continue until at least 2020, when expected 1.92 billion smartphones sold, thanks also to the average price that will go from the current $ 295 for only $ 237.

It is no surprise that the USA, Western Europe and China are under the ‘ double-digit ‘ already from 2015, these markets are saturated by a piece and higher expectations are now placed in countries such as India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. The phablet continue to gather support, already represent the 20% of all smartphones sold (2015) and expect a further increase of up to 32% in 2020 (equivalent to 610 million units).

If we look in detail the software platforms we see that Android looks set to grow further and increase its popularity: from 1.17 bln of 2015 will pass-according to IDC-1.62 billion of 2020, increasing the market share from 81 to 85%. The success is mainly due to the large number of cheap device that OS, just think that the Android sold by 400 or more dollars represent only 14% of the total.

IOS has set a new record in 2015 with 231.5 million iPhones sold and a growth of 20.2% compared to 2014, a year to remember you saw raise even the average purchase price from $ 663 to $ 713 of 2015. IDC estimates the 2016 will be essentially flat for Apple in terms of volumes, but the new surge will come in 2017.

Bad news for Windows Phone, last year sales have indeed collapsed only 18% and were marketed’s 11.1 million units, 95% of which are derived directly from Microsoft. The absence of other partners was decisive, but the music could change since new OEM are launching in this challenge (see Acer and HP).