So You’re Moving Photos From Your Android Smartphone To Your PC

Too many photos on your Android Smartphone? Who often uses his mobile device to take pictures, can quickly lose the overview in the search after a certain image. In addition, lead many pictures, that the often limited space of the Smartphones quickly reaches its limits. We have compiled some manufacturers for the Android operating system utilities you, who can help you with the mapping and archiving the photos on your PC (see full meanings).

So You're Moving Photos From Your Android Smartphone To Your PC

Samsung: Gravel

The utility is gravel for the Mac as well as for the PC available. With gravel, you can transfer not only your photos to the computer, but synchronize contacts, and equip the Smartphone or tablet with the latest Samsung firmware. That work also wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, as long as both devices support these connections. If your Android as of version 4.3, you will need the version Kies3 instead of gravel. For Mac OS X or Windows, you will find the appropriate version of the gravel on the Samsung website. On your Mac or PC, you should be at least 500 MB of hard disk space free for use.

Lg: Pc Suite

The PC Suite of LG offers a similar range of functions such as gravel: also this software can pull her your photos just from your Smart phone to your PC and manage. In addition, you can synchronize contacts and calendar and install the latest firmware on your Android Smartphone. On the LG support page you must locate your device, for example the LG G3. Then appears a download button on the you can either install the software on your Mac or PC. Then, you must follow the installation instructions and use the computer to connect your Android Smartphone to Exchange data. Also PC Suite requires at least 512 MB free disk space.

Htc: Htc Sync Manager

The HTC Sync Manager lets you easily transfer photos, music and videos between your PC or Mac and HTC Smartphone. After you have installed the Sync Manager, you must connect the Smartphone such as, for example, the HTC one M8 just wired – and the program will start automatically. If you click on “Gallery”, you can see all the photos that are on the PC and Smartphone. If a picture on the Smartphone, this recognizes the little phone icon under the image that is colored blue. Drag & drop your photos between devices can back and putting it off. In the Sync Manager, you can also crop the photos or turn – and restore when you have accidentally deleted it on one of the devices.

Huawei: Hisuite

Huawei also offers a tool for organizing files on the PC via its support page: the so-called HiSuite. With the HiSuite, you can connect the PC to your Huawei Smartphone – and then transfer data such as photos and music between devices via Wi-Fi or a USB cable. As a backup program, the HiSuite is suitable, so that no data can be lost. The HiSuite requires also at least 500 MB of free space on your hard disk.


  • The utility enables easy transfer of photos between Smartphone and PC or Mac gravel from Samsung
  • By LG, there is the program PC Suite with similar functionality
  • HTC provides the Sync Manager available, which allows easy management for this purpose
  • The HiSuite from Huawei is published only for the PC