Socks with Nails Painted

For all women, who do not have time for a pedicure, a Japanese company has invented an alternative with which the nails of their feet will look perfectly polished. This illusion is achieved by stockings with nail polish.

Asian designers from the Land of the Rising Sun offered extravagant ladies quick decision to ensure the perfect pedicure. Simply puting socks and no longer worry about what they look like nails on your feet you.

Pre-made patterns in toenails will adhere tightly to the right place so that smoothing varnished. The socks are sold in many places in Japan with a diverse design and paint in different colors.

According to your taste you can choose pedicure stripes, dots, with hearts, ribbons, exquisitely painted, if you visit a professional.

Besides these socks and tights will not take away from your free time when you can do something more interesting instead of you in the salon for beauty, they are also much cheaper than a professional pedicure.

Plus you will not feel uncomfortable at major social events that you should wear shoes with open toes. The material they are made ​​of pants is fine, so that it is not noticeable difference professionally done pedicure.

With every change of socks will have a new polish on toenails and without wasting time.

Increasingly becoming fashionable and socks where your toes are found. On often they are wool and wear at home. In Western countries like them and courses in yoga, and define them more comfortable than standard socks.