Solar String Lights

Solar is on everyone’s lips: alternative or renewable energies, funding by the State and large Photovotlaik plants on the roof, but it’s just a completely different aspect of the solar world. Solar fairy lights are LED fairy lights, which can be operated independently from the electrical outlet.

It contains the Garland as illuminant of LEDs, which are known for their low power requirements. Continue to is a small solar panel which recharges a battery during the day. Thus the light and thus the power of the Sun is used so during the day to charge the battery and when the sunlight then falls away, is switched to battery operation.

Thus the solar lights work so completely independently, that is not only independent of the socket, but she also knows: when the sun goes down when she turn to has. This led lamp is also a beautiful garden decoration, which can automatically turn on at night.

Such lights you can purchase for under € 20. Certainly, no product can be expected that a life is long and is processed like a Mercedes for this price, but a usable product must cost but not the world. Thus, we take these solar lights so even more closely scrutinized.

Solar Lights Product Features

The 13-metre-long light string contains 48 LED bulbs. In other words such as “three and a half” LEDs per meter or approximately 30 cm distance between the LEDs. This should fit for most applications and provides neither for more cable than LED for lights that are too close to each other. The LEDs are all white, as it is usual with affordable LED based products, is a pretty cool (i.e. slightly bluish) white rather and differs from a chain of lights with conventional light bulbs already quite significantly.

Advantages of LED Solar Lights


In the first place is to call mainly the price. At the time of the writing of the article, the price at Amazon is around €18 and for this price Garland is contained especially in addition to the 13-meter long also the solar panel and the battery. I think since you cannot complain.

Easy-to-use complete set

Just unpack, plug comes with some luck the battery even with some cargo and in the garden. Is charged during the day and at night the light comes on. Just can’t do that.

Neutral Points or Points of Contention of the Solar Lichterktte:

Light color

The one like the slightly bluish light color, just as a decorative element. Others loathe any light that is not a Mr. conventional incandescent lamp. Living room lighting should you the Garland probably not used, but that’s not their purpose yes even at all, it is made with solar charging function clearly for outdoor use as a decorative Garland.

Disadvantages of Light Chain

Not very bright

Let us nothing, the Garland is loaded only by a small solar panel and a battery operated at night. Thus, no terraces can be illuminating. Who wants to buy this light string, should so be aware that it is really “only” a decoration element, not a lighting Setup.

In the summer better than winter

If most people resorted to prefer fairy lights for decoration namely the Christmas time is also exactly then when the days are shortest just stupid way. Furthermore, the Sun is during the day not as strong as in the summer. Thus, the solar light chain is still loaded, but it burns at night then unfortunately just a few hours, while in the summer but easily the whole night was possible.

Conclusion to the Solar-LED Light Chain

For this price, the solar light chain is a great idea, as a gift for the wine time (E.g. as a Santa Claus gift) charms she is good. You should be aware that in the winter the constraints of small solar panels become quite apparent. Nevertheless a nice idea that is easy to use and to determine the one or other innovation fan can inspire. And the best: If you something else at Amazon ordered and over the €20 limit, the shipping is even free of charge.