Some Looks Pregnant Tips

Yesterday I had a very special request in Snapchat (he is still there “NatiVozza” the chat is open), a reader who is pregnant and can’t find anything to easy the whole dress in belly and with any change of the body during the nine months of pregnancy.

I confess that it’s a daily struggle, since the belly grows day after day and you never know what you’ll be serving next week… Not to mention that we started to see more in the mirror, right? The person of the week no longer exists, and the next week will also be different.

We Go Into Them?

1-If I could choose to give only a hint, she would retire kaftans and loose clothing and loose, and play parts that show and mark more the belly! Even if you’re not a pregnant leaner, even though it has put on a few Kilos, loose clothes just make you bigger. This is the biggest mistake, hide the belly or the Kg to more and more fabrics fabrics!

2-push your third piece, as blazer, vest, cardigan. They create a vertical line in your trunk and leaves only the belly showing. Hiding the lack of waist or the famous love handles of Kg. I got a belly at the height of summer, Bernardo was born in December, and even then, used and abused of the third piece.

3-Run of dresses and pieces that have cut-outs or elastic waist up. The belly shall be marked above or below (with belts, bands, rubber bands …). Never in the middle of it! Never!

4-When the baby starts to “show off”, let the high-waisted clothes for after … For the same reasons cited above, a horizontal stripe on the belly, won’t leave your nice silhouette. Choose to wear pants (trousers with elastic has such delicious pregnant) with blouses over the top. Dresses (tagged on top or under the belly, or fair, or envelope) or low waist skirt with blouse over or kind of stuck in the low waistband.

I think these are the main tips that I could give. I don’t like to dictate rules, you know me, but these tips are really effective and important to the image and the silhouette of pregnant continue beautiful.

{Here are three totally different wedding dress}

Stop hiding. The more you hide, more shows. Cherish your belly, she is beautiful.