Sony Is Preparing The Arrival of The New Generation as The First Unboxing of The Xperia S Seeps

It seems that finally, after the announcement of the purchase of all of the joint venture, Sony has been hands to work to complete the full integration of Sony Mobile Communications, the new division of the Japanese company mobile phone.

The first device that will be released under the Sony brand will be the Xperia S, a terminal that is already very close, perhaps that we have witnessed during this weekend to the birth of the new website of the company, our site, website that will replace our site and where to find all the information about new products as well as previous devices of the brand Sony Ericsson.

Probably some feel nostalgia for Sony Ericsson, a mark that always bet on good designs, Although some not enjoyed the success expected due to the high prices that used to go to market.

If someone does not remember it, it is worth mentioning that Sony Ericsson was one of the forerunners of the smartphone era, When a few years ago bet strong with his famous Sony Ericsson P800. Then the brand was going to fall in banishment, although it has been known to change following the arrival of Android.

Today already look forward to the arrival of the first terminal to be signed only by Sony, and for the more impatient, we bring you a Bonus Track in the form of the first performed at the new Sony Xperia S unboxing video in his commercial, although obviously format the contents of the package may vary Depending on markets.

We leave you with the video, Although comment that in our country, as it has been rumored, the device seems that you come factory with HDMI cable and two Smart Tags in the sale of the video package you are not: