Sony QX10 Camera Test

With the camera module for smartphones, Sony is breaking new ground. The Sony DSC QX10 based on the WX 100 and comes with 10 x zoom and 1/2.3-inch sensor. Can the innovative camera in the lab convince?

The Sony QX10 looks like a lens – 62.5 mm diameter 40.5 mm long and 138 grams. It is a camera. But a camera without viewfinder, thereby preventing the possibility of the direct control of the image. Otherwise, all parts of compact cameras are available at the Sony QX10: zoom lens, battery, a card slot for memory card, a plug-in connection for mini-USB, zoom rocker, tripod socket, reset button, shutter button and on/off button. Even a tiny display memory card info and Akkurestladungsanzeige is installed.

Camera or lens?

The unusual shape and handling the Sony QX10 allow featured images, because right off the bat is not identifiable, that is photographed. Even on a tripod mounted the Sony QX10 doesn’t look like a camera.

The legitimate question is just: and how do I see with the Sony QX10, what I scan? Finally, it requires a lot of exercise, also only reasonably to meet the subject without picture control. As in the past with the old 6 x 9 rollfilm cameras all may think such parts of Agfa & co. once owned or have spotted at least in the bookseller. Where, even the Agfas had still a metal folding frame, which simulated a viewfinder more or less.

The answer: Only in the interaction with a Smartphone a full-fledged camera is from the module. To fix the Sony QX10 on the Smartphone, by one work from the two mounting brackets. One of the two brackets is marked with an arrow icon. This is the moving bar, the other is fixed. It pulls up the mobile half-clamp and pushes the Smartphone between the two jaws. After releasing the spring loaded bracket presses the Smartphone against the fixed bracket. The two brackets are equipped with ribbed rubber and should compensate for the varying heights of used smartphones. However this bracket is not really inspire confidence. Even after several attempts, there is concern to the valuable equipment.


Good team work

After the free app Play Memories Mobile on your Smartphone is installed and it has entered passwords and addresses, both devices contact with each other. To do this, it is not necessary that the Sony QX10 on your Smartphone is locked, the module can be placed independently. The Wi-Fi connection between Sony QX10 and Smartphone works, depending on the environment, also over several meters distance.

After activating the camera software captured motif on the display of your Smartphone will be shown, this in the menu of the camera. The setting options via touch on the display are manageable. Program AE, superior automatic and intelligent automatic are to select main settings. In program AE mode, white balance, self-timer, are to make a still image size. The user also determines whether his images on the memory card in the Sony QX10, or on your Smartphone will be saved. An eventual exposure will be shown depending on the selection in the main menu and can be changed directly.

Foresight with tenfold zoom

The focal length of the zoom lens can be adjusted by Zoom rocker on the left side of the camera or by finger touch on the display. The Sony QX10 has a Vario sonar with a focal length of 25 mm to 250 mm (KB), with a light intensity of 3.3 to 5.9. This tenfold zoom, especially with the shortest focal length of 25 mm (KB) is sufficient for most of the challenges. The light intensity of the optics is the mainstream in this class. The camera has no Flash. The software does not access on flashes may be included with the Smartphone.

The image results of Sony QX10 are better than a normal Smartphone camera, but really from the stool you not put us. The camera automatically selects the sensitivity according to the available light, which makes difficult to an ISO value a direct assignment of the resolution. Much light (we call the sensitivity so time ISO 125) is the resolution at wide angle in the center of the picture at high 1,613 LP/BRA, falls into the corners but said more than 600 LP or otherwise almost 40%. This is visible not only in critical scenes. Also at telephoto setting the Sony QX10 not really cuts a fine figure, just over 1,000 LP/bra measure here. Unfortunately, the optical analysis confirms the readings.

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Review conclusion

For less than 200 euros, Early Adopter be sure like to try out a new technique. The size and therefore the handling from the Sony QX10 is ahead (test follows) the big sister QX100, image quality, however.