Sony RDP-XA900iP in the Test

Few years ago, Sony’s glistened Hi-Fi products with high quality and refined sound. With the RDP-XA900iP docking station, Sony wants to build it again. The test shows whether it succeeds.

The latest addition to Sony’s dock series makes an fine impression at a first assessment. The instrument is robust, and the brushed stainless steel elements give it a classy look. But the developer invested too much time in the technology.

Inside the housing of the five speakers work in total: two 20-millimeter-tweeter control the high and two 70 mm woofer the low-midrange. In the bass a 135 mm sub ensures that pressure eventually.

Buying advice: 12 Floorstanding speaker in the test To bring music to the RDP XA900iP, a rich range of connectors is available: in addition to a retractable docking drawer for iOS devices, the Sony dominated Apple’s Airplay-standard. Via cable, audio signals find their way through an optical digital door or analogue via AUX input in the dock. There is even a Composite-Out socket for transferring videos on the back.

And who uses at home no Wi-FI, just access to a Network cable – also for this connection is installed. The Wi-FI Setup by the way works through a browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.). Once there, the network password is entered, the streaming fun can begin already: very precise and neutral sounded the Sony; the dynamic game with his sparkling sound was well received at the testers.