Sony Xperia S Unsheath Your Camera against IPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy SII and Nokia Lumia 800 [In Video]

Short time ago that we met, during CES in Las Vegas, the new Sony Xperia S, the first device that Sony signature solo after acquiring the entire joint venture that had with Ericsson. We know that the device is codeará directly with the high range When landing on the market, although still not we have seen many comparisons with the.

Phones4u guys have fun recording a “ Western ” for compare the new Xperia S camera with some of the best smartphones on the market on every platform: the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Nokia Lumia 800; so we we are obliged to bring the funny video so you can take a look.

The comparison focuses on two basic aspects of the camera, the speed the shooting, and the quality in a second test.

As expected, the Exmor R Sensor’s 12-megapixel Sony Xperia S It is unrivalled in terms of speed, Since it is capable of taking pictures in 1.8 seconds Thanks to the dedicated button that opens the camera even without unlocking the device and its ultra fast shutter.

The Nokia Lumia 800 manages to shoot pictures in 3 seconds, While the Galaxy SII and iPhone 4S take 5.2 and 5.6 seconds respectively.

The second challenge was performed to check the quality of the images, and new Xperia S emerges victorious with a distinctly more vivid colors while his decision is made slightly backlit.

Really seems that Sony has worked very well in this Xperia S to provide it with a great camera, but certainly we already knew the benefits of the Exmor R Mobile sensor, I saw last year in the Xperia Arc S for example.

We leave you with the video, definitely funny and entertaining, and we encourage you to We leave your opinion in the comments: