Sony Xperia Z5 Interview: 3 Models and 4 K Screen

Sony will launch the flagship Xperia Z5 in three sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large. The greatest and finest becomes Z5 Premium with 4 k display. Several leak of Sony’s upcoming topmobiler, already now provides a good idea of how Sony’s autumn collection will take it out. Recently, however, the leak is a full interview with Sony’s French marketing manager, Olivier Terme, where all autumn goods from Sony displayed above. In the interview, it is clear that Sony Z5 will come in three versions: Compact, standard, and eventually a Premium Edition with the world’s first 4 k display to mobile phones. All three mobile phones will share Z-series characteristic and minimalist, water-and dust-tight design, but will all include a fingerprint reader-a premiere for sony phones. Sony innovates at the same time, by placing the scanner on the side of the phone, so your thumb Totten’s images can be read, and the power button can be activated in a single movement.

A screen for the difference

The new trio, will first and foremost differ on the size. Compact, standard, and Premium Z5 will respectively have a 4.6 5.2 inch, inch and a 5.5 “display. The resolution will be, respectively, HD, full HD and Ultra HD. With its 4 k resolution will the latter Z5 Premium, be the first phone that breaks 800 PPI-barrier, and thus achieve a pixel density which is beyond what the human eye can perceive. Sony Z5 Compact and Z5, will each settle for 320 PPI and 423 PPI. With the various screen sizes follow different goals. Z5 Compact will therefore remain small and nifty while the Z5 will talk to the super Premium users with a need for screen space. The common Z5 will fall between the two extremes.

New, blazing fast camera

On the back of the new Z5-phones there is also news in sight. The back is still in the glass, but the Xperia logo are now engraved, while the camera offers a significant upgrade from the otherwise strong camera 20 megapixels from the Z1 to Z3 + series. Z5 the phones will have a larger sensor with 23 megapixels, a bright f/2.0 lens and is accompanied by a faster focus, which can hit the spot at just 0.03 seconds. Finally mentions Sony-head a 5 x zoom that will make it easier to get close to the subject. Which processors or the Android version that will drive the phones is not mentioned, but the good battery that characterized the previous generations have continued to find, for Olivier Terme promises to all three phones will keep for two days of use.  

Debuts soon

When your phone will start in trade is not mentioned in the video, but stay tuned on our site on 2 September at 12 noon. 16:15. Sony will hold a press event, where the trio will get their first official appearance at the IFA trade fair in Berlin.