Spam on Twitter is Reduced to Less Than 1%

In official post on the company blog, Abdur Chowdhury, who is said to be ‘chief scientist of Twitter’, warns that the plague of unwanted messages on social network decreased significantly. Compared to February last year, when the microblogging service had just over 20 million registered users, the amount of spam has dropped by 5 percentage points.

Spam total on the site came to reach peaks of 11% of all messages in mid-August 2009. It was around this time that the Report Spam tool was implemented on the site. Thanks to the use of this tool by the users and the work of team research, reducing unwanted responses from spam bots, publishing duplicate tweets and other forms of spam on the network happened dramatically.

The easiest and most efficient way to report a suspected spam Twitter account is even click the link Report Spam present in the sidebar of all site profiles. But Chowdhury also points to send the users login to the account @spam still works.