Special Reels for Sea

All the accessories needed for fishing from shore or on board. What to look for in each model, advantages and prices. Image gallery.

Already settled throughout the country the more pleasant climate, with top temperatures and longer days. Also warming waters and, therefore, to activate many species called “summer”. One of the places that begins to be visited en masse is the sea. Some, anticipating and preparing for the holidays; others, simply avoiding the pressure of fishing in January and February.

According to commit4fitness.com, in the Argentine sea you can find two types of fishing with different variants: coast and shipped. The first, also called surfcasting, long and powerful rods for releases, usually also requires long looking for channels or pools near the shore. The second change, short and powerful rods, not only because they can ignite larger, such as salmon or shark fish, but also because, usually, because of the strong currents and deep, you have to use very heavy (more than 200 grams in many cases) leads.

Boat fishing also has its variants, like the work vertically with different lures, trolling and the flycast. The latter case requires special reels.

Whether that you fishing coast as you are using a boat, an essential component of the team is the reel. Front or rotary (in the Argentina not used the spincast, a mixture of both), the sea reel must add to the characteristics of the entire unit, some virtues as: be constructed with materials that are resistant to salt water and sand, allowing long releases in the case of fishing for costa or having good internal mechanisms to support the requirement that is submitted in the shipped with varied heavy.

To guide you on the purchase of your next reel for sea we exhibit in this note the latest novelties presented by the market, highlighting the number of bearings, the speed of traction, the capability of standard line, the approximate price and some virtues of each product. Of course there are some issues with each user – aesthetics, comfort, etc. – in which each one will decide.